Which Business Books Do You Recommend?

Never stop learning!

That’s my motto in life. There is so much that we can learn from others and in business it is vital that we stay ahead of the competition.

We may have been in business for many years and the wise ones will look back and see that they have had to make many changes to remain in business.

One way to learn and to get information to build our businesses is the old fashioned method of reading books. There are other ways and I would recommend that you do use a variety of methods to learn such as conferences, trade shows, business mentors etc.

However the purpose of this post is to ask you which business books you have enjoyed, found inspiring, helpful, informative and would recommend to others.

Please leave your suggestions in the reply box below and the reason why you recommend it would be appreciated.


8 thoughts on “Which Business Books Do You Recommend?

  1. For communications, anything by John Simmons, particularly The Invisible Grail, We, Me, Them & It and Dark Angels. He discusses the way brands use words to make an impact, from signposting to advertising and marketing strategy.

  2. From what I’ve read:

    Power of Focus
    7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    Magic of Thinking Big
    Millionaire Next Door

    I have my entire list on my blog, but these are a few of the top 10, for me.


  3. “Flashpoint:Seven Core Strategies for Rapid-Fire Business Growth”, by JK Harris

    This book lists the seven best strategies for building your business, whether you’re currently an entrepreneur or considering starting up. John is proof positive that the strategies work, building his business from a two person CPA firm to the nation’s largest tax resolution company. It was an impressive read and I’m looking forward to the second book, “Sales Flashpoint” due out October 2010.

  4. As Dorrian mentioned, there’s possibly too many to list, but here goes:

    * Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
    * How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
    * Eat that Frog – Brian Tracy

    There are some books that are also particular to my line of work, but these 3 above would be excellent reading for anyone.

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