Why Commenting is Good

Do you take time to read blog posts and then not comment?

Many people do comment and for good reasons. For those that don’t you may be missing out on more than you think.

Give Feedback

Commenting is good for many reasons. One of them is for the benefit of the writer themselves to let them know what you like or don’t like about the post. This can lead to improved posts later or posts more relevant to your taste or expectations. It is important that your comments are relevant and show that you have read the post and not something like “great post” etc.

You will also find that that people will read your comments and if you are a regular commentator on a particular website that you will build a reputation with the readers yourself. When you comment you should leave your website address and you will find that people will visit your website /blog and your traffic will grow.

Many full time bloggers spend more time commenting on other peoples blogs than they spend time writing their own. They have successfully grown their own blog by spending time doing this and traffic grows from other blog readers as well as the search engines that find these comments and link back to their own blogs.

How do you feel about commenting on blogs? Is this something you do? Have you found it successful in getting traffic to your own blog or website?

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10 thoughts on “Why Commenting is Good

  1. After reading an article on commenting, it would be rude not to comment!

    Over the last few weeks I’e come to take this advice and I’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of visitors (and comments) I receive. Now, the interesting thing is that it’s not just the sites I comment on coming over to my place and commenting on my site, it’s lot’s of traffic.

    Commenting builds your brand, your credibility as an expert and can generate more business for your site.

    (Interestingly enough I found your site from the comment you left on another, so case in point)

    Good work Roland!

  2. I agree that commenting is a great way to build a relationship with your readers. Plus, we are learning from each other. There have been so many great comments at my site (e.g. book recommendations, links, quotes, insights, etc) that has enriched my life and others.

    It’s also very important, IMHO, to reply back to all of your comments – another sign of building a relationship with other people, whether they are in your niche or not. We can all learn something from each other.


  3. Hey Matthew
    Thanks for sharing your experience with commenting. It’s great to see that you are having good results from the effort that you have put in. Keep on doing it!

  4. Hey Roland
    Great points – its funny – I’ll happily get amongst it on forums, but rarely comment on blogs – time to change my approach!! I love reading a list of comments – there are often so many additional gems to be found!

    thanks for the timely reminder…
    .-= Lisa Murray´s last blog ..Who else can contribute to your business? =-.

  5. Ha…I retweeted this and then was going to move on to something and thought…darn it I better get in there and comment on the blog…really a good push and truly believe that the commentary can provide for rich conversation on topics…cheers @MolsonFerg
    .-= @MolsonFerg´s last blog ..Cheers to Earth Hour 2010 =-.

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