Why is Social Media so Popular?

The use of social websites has grown tremendously over the last few years. Facebook has a larger population than any country! Twitter has exploded onto the scene with millions of users around the world.

Why are these websites and others so popular?

There are probably many reasons but here are some that I believe are the main ones. You may think of more and if you do please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this page. These reasons are not in any order of importance.

Easy to use

Social media sites are usually very easy to use and do not require any advanced knowledge of the Internet or coding. There are some advanced features such as Facebook offer but most users need not have nay concerns over that.

Free to use

Free sounds good to most people! There are some features on social media websites such as Linkedin that can be paid for but for most people the free versions are absolutely fine.

Advanced knowledge

With these websites you can usually find out something about a person before you connect with them. Unlike real life with a room full of strangers you would not know anything until you approached them. Of course keep in mind that what an individual has written about themselves may not be true! Generally though most people will be honest in the details that they have given. Children though need to be very careful as paedophiles do pose as children to lure young ones to them.


You can share your thoughts on subjects, share music and videos.

Make new friends

Many years ago it was deemed good to have pen friends around the world. There were pen friend clubs set up to help you find people that you could write to.  People would send letters and photos so that they could get to know each other. Letters from overseas could of course take many days even sometimes weeks to arrive. With social media, communications can be instant! As long as people can have access to the Internet even if it is on a mobile phone you can get in touch. For those that are housebound this has been a fantastic way to have some kind of social life that would otherwise be very difficult or even impossible.

Specialist sites

There are some sites that cater for specific interests and of course on facebook and Linkedin you can create groups where people with the same interests can discuss various subjects within that interest.


Many people in business network and find new contacts with either whom to do business or find new clients through them. Social media enables business people to get to know each other and make contacts that otherwise would not happen any other way. Twitter has been very useful for finding people and making contact very quickly. It has been described that it is like being at a party and meeting people for the first time and getting to know them. That is not a bad analogy. It can also be like being at a business networking event and doing the same online.

What are your reasons for using social media? Please leave your comments.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


One thought on “Why is Social Media so Popular?

  1. A really key point is that they can be fun as well as business. The ‘Social’ side of it when used correctly can be huge. It reallly is like chatting in the pub – and with the price of beer at the moment you can have a virtual pub lunch!!!!

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