Why use Forums?

Online forums are a great way of learning about a subject.

You may find that simply searching for your question will reveal the answer as someone else has already raised the subject. If you can’t find the answer you will be able to post the question yourself and wait for a response.

If you have good knowledge of certain subjects it would be a good way of promoting yourself to the online community particularly if the forum is related to your type of business. You can do this by answering other people’s questions and showing that you are an expert in your field.

You can also use the forum to discuss your knowledge with other users which will also help to promote you as the person to know.

Be aware though that forums can sometimes attract people that will say things to you using the forum that they would never say to your face. These people can be quite rude and even deeply cutting in their remarks. They are usually in a rival business and seem to think that by putting the downers on someone that they are elevating themselves to a superior position. If you find yourself subject to one of these attacks it is best not to rise to the challenge. Be polite in how you respond if you even respond at all. Sometimes no response is the best option.

On a positive note you will find that most forum users are very fair and will not use the forum in such a negative way. Use Google (other search engines are available) to find forums that will interest you and spend a little time each week on using them to help build your personal brand as an expert in your field.

How do you use forums and which ones do you use? Please leave your comments below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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6 thoughts on “Why use Forums?

  1. A great blog article again. There are a few forums that I try to use.

    One point missed above is that on many forum sites you have ‘signatures’ which can often contain links to your website or other useful information about you. Not only are you showing your expertise, you are telling people how to connect with you.

  2. On the forum front, try to pick the ones that are pretty active and the give you plenty of opportunity to participate. Where there are only 1 or 2 new posts a day you’re going to struggle to get involved in a meaningful way in conversations.

  3. Great article, I use a few forums, its about finding one which suits you/your business and/or your personality. I have been spoken too extremely rudely on a forum and it did put me off but on the whole most are friendly.

    Phil’s comment about signatures is a good one.

  4. Thanks for your comment Karen.
    There are occasionally a few rude people on some forum and usually it is best to ignore them and don’t take the bait!
    Keep on suing them, they do work. Have a look at my article going out tomorrow about positioning yourself as an expert.

  5. Karen, I think your point about people being rude is a good one. It is very easy to hide behind the internet. I have been guilty of being too blunt in the past but I am certainly a bit more considered nowadays (sometimes!)

  6. Some great comments in here….there is certainly tremendous value in subscribing although seperating out the quality can be a real challenge at the outset. For myself personal recommendation of those in my network that I trust is often a critical factor.

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