Will you Ride the Wave?

A wave of change is coming!

Are you ready to ride it?

2010 is going to provide a real opportunity for businesses that use the Internet.

I am going to describe this as a ‘wave of change’. Where will you be when the wave hits you? Will you be swamped and possibly drown? Or will you have prepared yourself to catch the wave and ride it?

For anyone in business or about to start one the Internet is going to grow in this decade beyond compare to the the last. Traditional forms of business will still exist but sources of business are shifting to the Internet. Newspapers are finding it hard to sell hard copy and are now looking to make more of online news and are even experimenting with charging for it in various ways. People will pay for good value and the challenge will be how do they provide good value when there is so much ‘free news’ out there?

Businesses that in the past have relied on generating business advertising in the newspapers now find that this form of advertising is not as good as it used to be. This is not just because of less news readers but because the public want more than an advertisement to buy a product. They want to see more features explained and interactive ways of looking at the product. The Internet has provided this without them having to leave their home or office. TV and radio can’t do this and even the shopping channels cannot provide the kind of information people want to know as they only show one product at a time. The Internet can offer a very different experience.

With the click of a mouse you can search for products, watch videos, see pictures, read customer reviews and  sometimes ask questions to a live operator. More and more people are getting broadband every day and as these people learn how to use it and gain confidence in the Internet they will spend more money than ever. Is your business ready for this? Is your company website just a brochure or or do you offer more? Have you created a blog where you can give value to your customers with free information about the things you do or sell?

Now is the time to really look at your business strategy and find help to use all the new ways of interacting with visitors to your website. There are also many ways of driving traffic to your website and plans need to be in place to start using these as soon as possible.

So come let us all be ready to ride the wave. It could be the best ride of your life!

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

What do you think the new decade will bring? Please add your comments below.


7 thoughts on “Will you Ride the Wave?

  1. You raise a very good point here. I come across a number of companies that shy away from the web, purely because they don’t understand it, (and often don’t want to understand it). Sadly I think they will lose out ultimately because as you say, love it or hate it, the internet is here to stay and will grow.

    It’s about change, and to grow you must change, otherwise you stand still. I look forward to 2010 and the new decade with optimism, that this will just be the beginning!

  2. Thank you Alison

    Just think where we would be if we said: “I make Zeppelins and no way will any other form of air travel be better!” “CD’s will never catch on!” “MP3 – never!” mmmmm
    Wake up world – adapt or die!


  3. The internet revolution is massive – it is now the best way to market your business on a budget. Just using social media tools such as twitter and facebook will boost your reach.

  4. I have no idea where this decade will take us. There are some very clever and intelligent people out there who come up with some fabulous ideas. I never would of thought that I would be using Social Media sites or accessing clients computers remotely. It is absolutely fascinating and the best thing, like Phil has said before it is cheap.

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