Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth advertising has always been said to be the best kind of advertsing that you will come across.

Satisifed customers are worth their weight in gold and as they tell more and more of the contacts about you so your business grows.

You don’t however need to leave this to total chance. For many years I have built businesses that have heavily relied on recommendation. To help people remember what I have done for them and help them pass on my details I have followed several simple steps.

Word of Mouth – steps to follow

1 – Always make sure they have business cards. Include a few when you have to post something to them.

2 – Keep in touch. A newsletter (physical post) is a great way of doing this and you can include some more business cards at the same time. At least a general mail out of twice a year is good.

3 – If you find out who referred a customer to you send them a thank you note and include some more cards!

4 – Email is still a great way to keep in touch more often but still do a mail out from time to time as above.

Some people are more likely to recommend you than others but by keeping in touch you will get more referrals and also more business from your existing clients as they are less likely to be poached from you if you keep in contact.


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