How To Stay Sane when You Work from Home

Working from home is often something that many people do or aspire to do. There are many benefits to working from home. Just think of the time saved by not having to commute to work and the costs involved. You may even save on the cost of clothing, eating out and more. You may also be given flexibility in your working hours whether you are employed or self employed.

However there can be some downsides to working from home that could drive you mad! How can you stay sane when working from home?


There can be distractions at home particularly if others are home at the same time as you. Children or others may require your attention and although at times that may be very necessary you will need to clearly lay down some ground rules so that needless interruptions will not occur and distract you from working. You will also soon realize that when your friends and family know that you work from home they will think that is fine to phone you or call in as those you were simply in your leisure time. You will need to politely point out that you are working and that you should not be disturbed except in an emergency just as though you were working in an office or factory for an employer.

You will also need to be disciplined so that you are not tempted to watch your favorite TV show or take time out to go shopping when you should be working.


Working from home can cause you to become isolated and perhaps more so if you are working for yourself. Take some time to build time into you day opportunities when you can meet up with someone for human contact. You may find that being part of a business networking group will also help as you will be able not only to develop business contacts but will also have some social interaction.


For many people working from home can cause them to work too many hours and not take enough ‘me time’ during the day. It is best to have a separate room so that you can go to the room to start work and when you have finished close the door and do not go back until you are supposed to. It is so easy to think “I will just check my email” or finish a job ready for tomorrow even though it is late at night. Make sure you have set times to work and stick to those times otherwise you will find that you never stop working and have time relax to recharge your batteries.

If you follow some basic principles and stick them working from home can be very advantageous and you will really enjoy it and keep your sanity!

Original article: How To Stay Sane When You Work At Home – written by Roland Millward on Factoidz

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8 thoughts on “How To Stay Sane when You Work from Home

  1. I spent time working from home and the interaction was the biggest thing I missed. I took the option of taking a shared office to ensure I get interaction with others when I am working elsewhere instead of just on my own again but in a different place. I was surprised how much I missed the conversations with colleagues. Not sure they felt the same…!

  2. John
    Thanks for your comment. That is a very valid point. Working from home can be a lonely occupation and it is vital to get some human contact during the day.

  3. I agree with John, and with Roland’s follow up. In a recent blog I wrote my thoughts on home working and mentioned there using local business networking groups as a substitute for those water cooler moments. It worked for me – that’s how I’m in contact with the likes of Roland & Phil.

  4. Where do I start! Have worked from home for the past 8 years and I have to say the pro’s far outweight the cons!

    The biggest con has to be the very real danger that you never switch off! There have been times in the past when I have not left my office (apart from trips to the “canteen” and “rest room” ) for 18+ hours, In fact I think the record is 36 hours!

    The solution was to first of all get not one but two dogs that demand to be walked at least three times a day! Sounds drastic but it really works as they do not understand the concept of “No!” That gets me out of the house for at least a couple of hours every day.

    Attending regular meetings also helps and if possible I try to schedule these together. I used to try and spread them out but that increased the travel time and meant I ended up working much later to catch up.

    Sometimes you just have to work late and that is so much easier to do from home but I know make sure that each week I map out the upcoming week as much as I can and I definitely map out “family time”. If it is in the diary it generally tends to happen!

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