Would you slap a Tiger on the Ass?

What a question!

Would you slap a tiger on the ass?

Why I am asking this question?

Is it a stupid question to ask?

Let me explain. In business or just our personal lives we all come across many challenges. Some are easy, some hard. There are times when we come across situations that we could handle but we are not prepared and others that we will never be able to deal with. This is where my question fits in with what I am about to say.

The Tiger

Now a tiger is a beautiful creature. Sleek, colourful, powerful and you know what? Tigers have huge feet with claws and very big teeth! No human should think of approaching a tiger and giving it a slap on the ass. Otherwise you could end up as lunch! mmmm!

However if you were prepared to meet that tiger, you had a tranquilizer gun and a team of professionals you could well get close enough to that tiger, slap it on the ass and still survive!


So what is the meaning we can draw from this illustration?

When faced with a challenge are you prepared? Do you have the right equipment, knowledge and skills? Do you have the best experts with you to resolve the problem and meet the challenge? Before we tackle any challenge we should take stock and see what we need to be successful. It would be good to take time to evaluate the task and draw up an action plan and make sure we can be successful.

If we are unprepared when facing a challenge it may well be like going up to a tiger and slapping it on the ass! Be warned!


What do you think? How do you face challenges in your life or businesses?

Your comments are very welcome.


8 thoughts on “Would you slap a Tiger on the Ass?

  1. Roland:

    This post made me laugh so hard. This was a great illustration.

    You are so right about needing to be prepared for challenges. In the past there have been so many times when I was not prepared but I have learned, for the most part, to be at least more prepared. I know there will always been challenges that I am not fully prepared for but at least have some preparation will help some.

    Thanks for the warning.

    – Rick
    .-= Rick Byrd´s last blog ..Dealing With Distractions =-.

  2. A classic blog post with some great advice. Shall be retweeting this one around!

    Another analogy, don’t put your bare hand in the fire, you will get burnt. Put some fireproof gloves on and you should be ok!

    Nice work Roland.

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