Writers: Helping New Authors

One of the hardest things to do having written your book is to get it published.

This can be hugely disappointing after you have spent maybe months or even years writing your book. What can you do to get your book into the hands of readers?

How to get published

There are many publishers that claim to guarantee your book will be published. However you will soon find that they will publish your book because you will pay for it to be published. This may be little more than vanity publishing as once your book is in print you will receive the copies and that will be the end of the matter as far as this type of publisher is concerned.

With the Internet and the explosion of books being read online why not try initially selling your book as an eBook? If sales go well you may then find a publisher willing to take on your book and publish it in paper form in the traditional way.

Find help to promote your book

As a new author you will need a helping hand to attract publicity for your book. If you develop good contacts with bloggers and other website owners you may find a willingness to promote your book for you. Using Twitter too can be a powerful tool in letting people know about your book. Such publicity can attract the attention of publishers, journalists as well as the readers that you want.

I am pleased to recommend a book from children’s author Tessa Glisson who has just published her first story in eBook form. Tessa has beautifully illustrated this book Tai and the Tamarin Dudes which is an exciting story for young children. The book is selling for instant download at just £2.99 and can be printed. Click Here.

If you are a publisher and would like to turn this book into printed form you can contact Tessa through her website.

Have you written a book? What problems have you encountered and how did you overcome them? Please leave your comments below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


4 thoughts on “Writers: Helping New Authors

  1. I agree totally that writing a book is the easy part of the process and why I started Lebrary.com. This site was specifically developed for aspiring writers to empower themselves in being able to get their work published. Hope you can check it out http://lebrary.com

  2. Very pertinent post Roland, and something that I thankfully managed to avoid when having my book published, and it was all thanks to Amazon.

    They now have a publishing arm (which is currently only available on their .com site) that is great for us small business owners or aspiring authors who wan to be creative and share our ideas with the world.

    Ebooks are potentially set to increase in popularity too with the evolution of technology that is coming onto the market, such as Sony’s reader and now the iPad, and so this means that you can potentially provide it in both electronic and physical formats.

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