Affiliate Revival Review

Welcome to this in-depth Affiliate Revival review where I’ll be showing you what’s on the inside…

Along with the pros and cons (and of course some Affiliate Revival bonuses).

Now if you have already made up your mind when it comes to buying Affiliate Revival…

affiliate revival review

On the hand if you want to know why this system can really help you make profits…

Then keep on reading.

So What Is Affiliate Revival?

Affiliate Revival is certainly a simple system (created with the newbie in mind)…

To help you profit by utilizing 3 steps (alongside one of the biggest social media platforms).

It’s being launched by:

  • Stefan Ciancio (yay!)
  • Greg Kononenko
  • And Kobi Topaz…

Which is always great news.

Stefan and Greg both have premium reputations when it comes to launching products…

So you can rest assured that you are getting amazing value for your money.

And don’t forget about Kobi.

I’ve never heard of him before but he did a stellar job at putting the training together.


The three steps of this system include:

  1. Picking the affiliate offer that you want to target.
  2. Set up your passive traffic machine (by doing what’s inside the system).
  3. Enjoy passive traffic to that offer (and set up as many of these as you like).

So now that you know what the main aspects of Affiliate Revival…

Let’s look at what makes this quite the powerful system.

Affiliate Revival Review

This system is broken down into 5 modules which all include videos…

And in case you were wondering?

It is a great balance of slideshow presentations and over the shoulder videos…

Which I love because that makes it much easier for you to follow along.

  • So what do these training videos consist of?
  • And does the system work?

Well first and foremost Facebook certainly “works”…

And there’s more proof from this system than you can shake a digital stick at.

Kobi also goes through and shows you the proof himself in the first video.

But what I like the most about these videos?

  • Their step by step formation.
  • And their simplicity.

This is certainly a great system for following everything that he does (in order too).

You certainly aren’t going to feel left out after combing through the training…

As it is certainly in depth.

Here is an idea of what is going to be covered in just a fraction of the system:

  • The proof and overview (show me the profits)!
  • Finding a profitable niche and products to promote (as an affiliate of course).
  • Custom audiences, custom conversions, and optimization finally made simple.
  • The powerful Facebook pixel and how to use it to maximize your results (and or profits).
  • The five Facebook posts and which ones are the most effective for you to use (you really want to pay attention to this section as there’s some really great tips here).
  • How to setup a killer Facebook Fb campaign the RIGHT way (this 40 minute training video right here is worth the price of admission all by itself).

And a ton more.

Whether you are a newbie or grizzled veteran when it comes to making commissions…

There are certainly a lot of golden nuggets to take advantage of in this system.

Affiliate Revival Overview

So is Affiliate Revival worth it? Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Here is what I liked the most about it:


  • Jam packed video training filled with many golden nuggets.
  • Simple to follow along and step by step.
  • You can start with $5 campaigns.
  • Backed by boatloads of proof.
  • Great affordable price.

And what I didn’t prefer about it (not much at all).


  • So much video training (where a PDF cheat sheet would have been helpful).

When the main negative aspect of a system is the fact that it has a TON of valuable content…

Then you definitely know that it’s a good one.

affiliate revival review

buy affiliate revival

I give this system a 4.5/5 stars and highly recommend it!

  • You can click here to purchase the Affiliate Revival system today.

Or simply click on the Buy Now button above for the same result…

Because when you get started today?

You will also be getting these bonuses to go along with your system.

Affiliate Revival Bonuses

Here are the bonuses that you’ll be getting when you pick up Affiliate Revival.

  • PPC Made Easy (valued at $47).
  • Twitter Traffic Booster (valued at $97).
  • CPA Marketing Made Easy (valued at $47).
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (valued at $47).
  • 30,000 Visitors Case Study (valued at $197).
  • Exclusive Mastermind Access (which is valued at $197).
  • And The Rapid Recurring Revenue Stream System (valued at $197).

So the total value of these 7+ Affiliate Revival bonuses is $829…

And they are all FREE when you get started with this affiliate system today.

affiliate revival review

buy affiliate revival

You can click here to purchase this amazing three step system today.

Or simply click on the Buy Now button above for the same result.

And that should do it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my Affiliate Revival review.

Feel free to ask any questions down below if you have any.

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