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Greetings there and thanks a lot for taking a look at my Bing Boss review.

This review is going to be based on actually acquiring the software and testing it out…

Just so you can get a good idea of what’s on the inside.

Here is a screenshot of Bing Boss below.

bing boss review


Let’s move onto the beginning of this Bing Boss Review.

What Is Bing Boss All About Anyway?

Bing Boss is a software that was developed by both Marcus Christian and Rishy…

And helps you dominate the Bing platform by uncovering hundred of cash-sucking ads.

Need to hear a few more benefits?


Here is also what Bing Boss can help you do:

  • It does all of the boring research in about a minute.
  • It can help when it comes to getting dirt-cheap clicks on Bing (there’s many of them)!
  • And of course it helps you profit using an absolute goldmine of a platform.

I myself have done a good amount of advertising on Bing…

And it’s safe to say that this is still the most newbie friendly paid traffic source around.

Oh and I nearly forgot.

This software literally allows you spy on many other ads.

Other softwares that utilize similar features tend to cost an arm and a leg…

Which means you’ll save a ton of money (if that’s your thing).


That’s what this software is all about.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s on the inside.

Diving Deeper Into The Bing Boss Review

So this software does come with a few videos…

Just so you know exactly how to get the most out of it as possible.

But in the meantime?

Here are some amazing Bing Boss features.

  • Competition Boss

Curious to scope out the competition?

Would you like to see how competitive a niche is?


That is what this section of the software is all about.

You can literally┬áreverse-engineer the competitor’s:

  • Landing pages.
  • Descriptions.
  • And titles.

After all.

It’s better to get started when you model something that is already working.

Onto the next aspect of the Bing Boss software.

  • Suggest Boss

Most of Bing competitors will be busy using google keyword planner to target inside of Bing.

Keep in mind though…

This is Bing and not Google (as both are different search engines).

So what if you could harvest the keywords that users type exactly inside of Bing to search?


That’s what the Bing suggest module is all about…

And you can automate it too.

Next up.

  • Merger Boss

This section is all about generating many long tail keywords to get the leg up on the competition.

Now in my opinion?

This isn’t something that is groundbreaking…

But it is sure as hell helpful to have.

Because if you had the option to use or not use it?

It’s definitely recommended that you do use it.

And onto the last section.

  • Wrapper Boss

With one click of a button…

The software allows you to convert your keywords into the three match types:

  • Modified broad match type.
  • Exact match type.
  • And phrase.

Yet another helpful feature that comes along with this software.

And if you want to actually see a Bing Boss demo…

Then be sure to click the play button down below to watch.

So the cool thing about this software is that it actually does what it intends to do…

And that’s always a good thing (especially with many features in it).

Yes you could technically attempt to do this in your own…

But it would take a longer amount of time (which is why the software helps).

So if you are looking to get an advantage with using Bing…

Then it’s definitely worth giving a try.

bing boss review

But wait… there’s more (just had to say that) ­čśŤ

Here are a few bonuses that you would be getting in addition to Bing Boss today.

Bing Boss Bonuses

  1. Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit (the simple blueprint for affiliate profits).
  2. Getting Traffic From Google (in case you can’t get enough from Bing’s platform).
  3. PPC Arsenal (how to boost your use of PPC and make more money).
  4. Hot Selling eComm Products (in case you want to go down the eComm path).
  5. Bing Ads Made Easy (because that is really going to help you out with using Bing).


It’s important to know that this software is going to start at a great price…

And will continue to rise as the days go on.

When you compare the price to the fact that similar softwares can cost a King’s ransom…

Then you realize that it is quite the easy decision to get.

So let’s wrap up this Bing Boss review.

Bing Boss Pros

  • Cost effective.
  • Does what it says it will.
  • Can help you get the leg up using the Bing platform.
  • Comes with (bonus) Bing training so you know how to properly utilize Bing.

Bing Boss (What I Didn’t Like)

  • The software isn’t in the cloud (which means you download and install it).

But that’s quite the minor distraction…

As there’s many videos that show you how to get up and running.

Overall, this is a software where if you have any interest in dominating Bing?

Then it’s definitely worth giving a try…

Especially since you get a nice little Bing bonus training too.

Bing Boss gets 4 out of 5 stars.

bing boss review

bing boss review

To get this software…

You can simply click on the Buy Now button above or…

Thank you for taking the time to read my Bing Boss review.

If you have any questions what so ever…

Feel free to leave a comment down below ­čśŤ

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